Accelerator Program – Third Co-hort

Opening and Building Relationships with New Prospects

Running  Wednesday, 21 June to 24 July 2017 @ Gravity Co-working

Additional Information

Due to the success of the previous two accelerators, BIGJUMP and The Push have decided to run anotherAccelerator Program, spanning 5 weeks and the focus  is on helping you open and build relationships with new prospects to make closing the sale easier.

If you find yourself saying:

  • I need more clients but I don’t know how to break into new organisations.
  • Sales is just so confusing to me.
  • I’m not a sales person.
  • My outreach keeps falling on deaf ears and I am getting nowhere with new prospects.
  • Do I call the prospect? Do I email? Do I call again? I don’t know what to do next. I feel stuck.


Then this accelerator program is for you.

I got a lot of value out of the program. Paul and Joeri really broke it down in a way that’s simple to understand regardless of the background you come from. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to B2B sales and they do a really good job of giving you both the big picture and a lot of little tips along the way. I came out of it knowing how to prospect better, how to send a cold email that gets someone’s attention and how to follow up with the daunting cold call. 

Mitch Sabine, Founder Wrap2Earn

It does not matter how many blogs or “best 5 tips…” you read, there is no substitute for small group training and mentoring. The biggest benefitfrom working with the boys was the confidence to go out and make those calls. I now know that nobody is perfect the first time and that this is just another business skill that needs to be developed. This course removed the guesswork and reduced my stress. I think every entrepreneur would gain a lot from the BIGJUMP Sales Accelerator!

Liz Kirk, Founder Practical Ergonomics


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