What I learnt today from Retail Sales

This morning I had an urgent need to purchase a pair of shoes for work. I arrived at work (cycle commute) and for the first time in 3 years I had no shoes! I chose Myer in Brisbane CBD because I already had a gift voucher left over from Christmas.   When I had chosen [...]

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Customer Loyalty to the Golden Arches?

My son (9), daughter (6) and I love to reward ourselves at the end of a Saturday morning Park Run with ice cream from McDonalds. There are 2 McDonalds locations close to our house. One is amazing. I love to watch their staff work quickly and efficiently to provide good food and customer service! The [...]

Customer Loyalty to the Golden Arches?2017-03-16T01:08:26+10:00

Usability from the perspective of a 5-year old

When my 5-year old daughter helps with the family's grocery shopping she knows she will receive a small reward. Last weekend she asked me to get her "pink milk". The dairy section displayed two strawberry milk options: Dairy Farmers Classic Strawberry. 300ml for $1.50 ($5 per litre) Norco Mighty Cool. 250ml for $1.75 ($7 per litre) From my perspective [...]

Usability from the perspective of a 5-year old2016-11-25T20:56:56+10:00

What ICT can learn from the Aviation Industry?

For almost 5 years I worked for Jeppesen, an iconic aviation company that has pioneered aeronautical navigation since the 1930's. When an aviation accident occurs a detailed investigation follows. The findings from each investigation helps the industry determine if new lessons can be learnt and implemented across the industry.     The practice of learning [...]

What ICT can learn from the Aviation Industry?2016-11-25T00:29:31+10:00

Why everyone on your team should understand The Lean Startup

That new product idea that you have for your organisation? There is a 70-90% chance it will fail. Why? Because you don't know what you don't know. If you launch a fully-featured product without testing your potential customers prior you risk wasting all your valuable capital. Sure you will learn a lot, but the "tuition fees" could cost [...]

Why everyone on your team should understand The Lean Startup2016-11-25T00:11:07+10:00

How to Sell like a Sith Lord

As a startup mentor at River City Labs, I have worked with technical founders to appreciate the "dark arts" of selling. With the anticipation of Episode VII, The Force Awakens, I wrote this fun piece about the selling skills of Senator Palpatine/Darth Sidious.  1.  "Hard to see, the dark side is" - Yoda (Episode I, The Phantom Menace) The [...]

How to Sell like a Sith Lord2016-11-17T22:13:13+10:00

How to avoid the “Poison Chalice” Sales Job

From the outside the organisation has a great brand and and displays the trappings of success. The company is keen to hire you because you are a sales gun with proven ability to meet and exceed targets. Your past sales success gives the company confidence you could be their gun. But its a trap! If [...]

How to avoid the “Poison Chalice” Sales Job2016-11-17T22:13:13+10:00

The Traps of Sales Training

I have a problem with a lot of sales books and sales training courses. Especially when they are mechanical and process focussed. Sales is not a predictable science like other professions.  A + B does not always equal C. People mistakenly think you can train anyone to follow a step sales process and the customer will [...]

The Traps of Sales Training2016-11-17T22:13:14+10:00

Hiring Sales People for your Start-up

Are you a start-up CEO looking to bring on a sales person? If so you will probably be contemplating: In lieu of a salary, should I induce a sales person with equity to work for my start-up? Could I afford to hire a sales person (without equity)? Can I find an organisation to be my [...]

Hiring Sales People for your Start-up2016-11-17T22:13:14+10:00

My “Picture of Success”

You're a start-up? My "picture of success" for a start-up business would be: A healthy and diverse client portfolio which validates your business to potential customers. Your brand is recognised as solving "something". When a problem is encountered, who are you going to call? (cue Ghostbusters theme). You can explain your offering in 30 seconds [...]

My “Picture of Success”2016-11-17T22:13:15+10:00

Introduction: About me and the reason for this blog

  I'm 39 years old and have been selling software to government and enterprise for over 12 years. Here is my LinkedIn profile. During this time I've managed to successfully launch 4 new "start-up" products while working for large organisations. These products are now turning over $1m in revenue. In all but one I have [...]

Introduction: About me and the reason for this blog2016-11-17T22:13:15+10:00
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