As a parent I often ask my six year old son if he has cleaned his teeth. Sometimes he’s inclined to mislead me by saying, “hmmm….yes..?”. With a big smile I like to remind him that Mummy and Daddy have Superpowers! We can tell when he’s not telling the truth. He’s not 100% sure about my claim. But its something we all laugh about.

Throughout my career I have met people with a spectacular ability to lie… the ones who would sell their grandmother to gain something. These individuals can play the deception game from any level of the corporate food chain.

We all know that dishonesty shatters trust and destroys relationships.

I’m amazed by the attitude of these people who don’t realise the damage they are doing to their personal brand in playing these games. Do they think that people can’t see what’s happening?

When a business relationship (with a boss, customer, supplier or colleague) deteriorates we are often persuaded to endure it because the benefits seem to outweigh the cost.

I propose we end all relationships in business where there is intentionally dishonesty. There is no long-term benefit in continuing these relationships.

This is easier said than done. Maybe we do need superpowers to make it happen!

If we made the break we would be happier in the longer term. And quite possibly it would lead to more honesty in business…