Design products and services that customers want by using the Value Proposition Canvas (VPC). It is a strategic management and lean startup template that helps you visualise, design and test how you create value for your customers.

7 out of 10 new products released to the market fail to raise interest with customers !

This is exactly what Lean Startup with tools like the VPC aim to reduce.

This canvas is not stand-alone and integrates with the Business Model Canvas (BMC). The VPC focuses on the Customer tile and Value Proposition tile of the Business Model Canvas. The canvas also incorporates the Jobs-to-be-done Theory (JTBD).

The Value Proposition Canvas Explained

The Canvas consists of two parts:

  1. Customer Profile – Describe the jobs that your customer is trying to get done. These can be functional, social or emotional.
    • You highlight the Pains and the negatives outcomes you hope to avoid like dis-satisfactions and frustrations with existing products.
    • Gains – Describe how customers measure the positive outcomes they hope to achieve by getting a job done
  1. Value Map – list the products and services that your value proposition builds on. Describe how they relieve pains customers have and how they create gains for them.

Let’s get started!

  • Remember to start with your Customer
  • There are no right or wrong answers.
  • Keep experimenting with the tool to help you learn and develop your value proposition for your customers