20 FEBRUARY 2018  – ACS QLD Young IT Career Boot Camp @Brisbane Mariott Hotel

My Journey as an International Student
Listening Workshop

18 JANUARY 2018  – Platform Strategies for Startups (Part 1) @RCL

Additional Material
Platform Scale – Chapter 1-3
The Platform Manifesto
The Platform Guidebook

26  OCTOBER 2017 –  Startup Sales: How Successful Companies know how to Grow – Leveraging Jobs Theory @RCL

Additional Material
TV commercials for Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)
QuestionWhat is the “job” is the university being hired to achieve for its students?


BIGJUMP runs an active ‘Meetup Group’ with events held almost every month.  The group focusses on ‘Lean Business Strategies’.

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BIGJUMP maintains a Twitter account to keep Startup supporters informed

Twitter Handle: @bigjumpstartups

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BIGJUMP works closely with River City Labs (RCL), Paul has been a mentor for many years, RCL has also  been  our location sponsor for several events.

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Queensland Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) have partnered with BIGJUMP on many events over the years.

Microsoft Innovation Centre’s mission is work with local start-up’s, students & developers to bridge some of the  current gaps, by equipping and inspiring them to innovate

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Microsoft BizSpark program is closely linked to the Microsoft innovation centre.

BizSpark provides free software, support, and visibility to help startups succeed. Join BizSpark and become  part  of a global community that has over 100,000 startups in 100+ countries.

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BIGJUMP and WeWork host BIGJUMP events together. WeWork is also one of our location sponsors.

Space That Works for You, whether you need a desk, office suite, or entire HQ, we create environments that increase productivity, innovation, and collaboration.

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BIGJUMP has successfully held Events at Queensland State Library’s ‘The Edge’

The Edge is a hub for creative, collaborative geekery, love to foster communities. Tinkerers, designers, gamers,  programmers, entrepreneurs, audiophiles, language lovers, movie buffs and more.

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Queensland State Library’s Business Studio is a useful resource to support entrepreneurs and start-ups to make their innovative business ideas a reality.

Conveniently housed in one central location onsite at SLQ and with an online hub, discover a range of resources to assist in your business planning and research.

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Fishburners is BIGJUMP’s newest partnership.

Fishburners is Australia’s largest not-for-profit charity dedicated to creating highly scalable Australian tech startups, through inspiration, collection and connection to support.

Every desk inside their communities is used by either a validated highly-scalable startup, or someone creating these kinds of startups.

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Every year BIGJUMP presents the Live stream and the highlights from the ‘Lean Startup Conference’ held in San Francisco / Las Vegas, USA.

Lean Startup Conference is a focused Innovation Training into Lean Startup methodology led by star practitioners in large companies and hot startups from around the world. 

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