Non-Pressure Sales-Closing Strategies for Startups

Tuesday 1 August 2017, 12pm – 1pm @River City Labs  –  level 3, 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

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Your Startup’s early sales have commenced positively. But time has passed and you are under pressure to get more customers signed up quickly. For most startups without a sales background, this is an awkward and uncomfortable time.

It reminds you of every bad sales stereotype and this creates frustration for you and your team…

You need to progress their customer, but don’t want to damage the relationship. You don’t feel you are equipped with the tools to succeed! Is this you?

In this Meetup I will run through the most common and easy strategies for closing deals that can be applied to Startups. Most people think that closing deals involves putting pressure on the customer in order for them to “sign on the dotted line”. This notion is completely out of date, particularly for B2B sales .

The presentation will run for 30 mins and will be followed by 15 mins of Q&A.

We will cover:

  • Getting the “right mindset” for sales
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Steps to helps your customers make faster decisions (without pressure)
  • Practical Examples for you to take away and implement.

Non-Pressure--Sales-closing-strategies-for-StartupsAttendees will be given online access to both the slides and the collateral/templates for them to put these into practice (


The presenter is Paul Davies, mentor at River City Labs. He has 18 years of B2B sales experience with over $30M of personal selling. Paul has worked in organisations with zero marketing/branding to sign up big-brand customers.



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