Startup Sales: How to be more competitive! – Leveraging Jobs Theory

Thursday 7 June 2018 – 12pm – 1pm  @River City Labs
level 3, 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

Additional Information (FREE lunchtime session)

Dumb question: is achieving business growth a high priority for your Startup?

If you have not considered how “Jobs Theory” is impacting your business, it might be too late…

Jobs Theory, by Prof. Clay Christensen (Harvard), has been developed over the past 20 years and is now a powerful predictive theory for business growth and success.

In this Meetup we will cover:

  • What is Jobs Theory? (see video here)
  • Practical ways to apply Jobs Theory for your Startup
  • Interactive Q&A

The primary material for this presentation is based on the 2016 book is Competing Against Luck by by Clayton M. Christensen, Taddy Hall, Karen Dillon, David S. Duncan. 

For further information on Jobs Theory: Harvard Business Review interview with Prof. Christensen

The presenter will outline the “Jobs Theory” and give you practical examples and tips to apply in your Startup Sales today!

Event slides will be available on

“Well worth it, thanks, good discussion, different perspectives and I appreciate the interaction afterwards.” Oliver Raman,

“Thanks! Fantastic talk!” Garth