Global Playing Lean Day and Global Launch of Playing Lean 2

Friday 30 November 2018, 11:30am – 2pm @QUT foundry

P-Block, Gardens Point Campus, 2 George St, Brisbane



Really excited to facilitate the first Playing Lean 2 in Australia after its globally official release!

Playing Lean is the world’s first management game that teaches the Lean Start-up concept and experience in innovation and business development.

Similar to version 1, in Playing Lean 2, each team takes charge of start-up that compete to reach the final goal as selling to the majority market.

In order to succeed, the teams need to run experiments to find customer demand, develop product features relevant to target customers and expand the market share.

Based on the Value Proposition Canvas, Playing Lean 2 builds new concepts and ideas such as Talent Auction at the beginning of each round, which helps to upgrade your company and earn competitive advantage in the market.

Team players have learnt a lot with practical models and real examples from innovation world when Joeri (Yuri) Timmermans explains the concept at each experiment.

Special thanks to Marc, Geoff, Ash, Maria, Justin, Randall, Gerarda, Mark and Neil for joining and making the game enjoyable and informative!

We can’t wait to introduce this game in innovation workshops in the future.

Joeri (Yuri) Timmermans