I’m 39 years old and have been selling software to government and enterprise for over 12 years.

Here is my LinkedIn profile.

During this time I’ve managed to successfully launch 4 new “start-up” products while working for large organisations. These products are now turning over $1m in revenue. In all but one I have had to launch without marketing or a known brand. It’s been fun!

In the last few years, my start-up buddy Joeri (Yuri) and I have come close to launching prototypes into the market.

Mid-career professionals are generally more risk averse than 20-something graduates, who love to write code and eat pizza/noodles 🙂 I’m middle-aged, non-technical, gluten intolerant and have to watch my carbs intake!

I love my job. There is nothing like making an influence and having your products used by the masses.

At some stage I will leave my day-job, build an exciting start-up business and take on the world etc.

In the meantime I volunteer as a mentor (enterprise and government sales) at River City Labs in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. I enjoy having sessions with start-ups and assist with their sales and growth strategies.

There are so many great start-ups out there that don’t succeed because they misunderstand the decision and buying process of people and organisations.

I originally planned to write a book. That may happen later.

This blog is for start-ups wanting to get practical strategies of selling their products, services or business.