Startup Sales Strategies for technical founders and other non-sales people

Wednesday 24 May 2017 1-2pm @QUT Foundry

level 2, D-Block, 2 George Street                           Additional Information

If you are a technical founder or have no experience in sales, then this presentation is for you!

This event will cover

  • Overview of the modern sales process
  • Common sales pitfalls of technical founders
  • Why everyone is now getting into sales
  • Adapting your sales to your personality
  • Building sales opportunities with new organisations
  • When to hire your first sales person

The presenter for this Meetup will be Paul Davies, who has 18 years of enterprise sales experience across Enterprise and Government clients in Australia, NZ, USA, SE-Asia and the Middle East. Paul also has 4 years experience in mentoring startups.

Over the course of his career, Paul has sold approximately $30m in products and services.


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