Playing Lean

Playing Lean is the board game that can help your team learn The Lean Startup through a fun, gamified, and interactive format.


The following video provides a great summary of the benefits of Playing Lean.

How Playing Lean works

The game is designed for up to 12 players (4 teams) where the the objective for each team is to reach the Scaling phase and Early Majority (Technology Adoption Lifecycle) first.

Each team makes strategic decisions around which experiments to run and how to develop their startup via: Building Product Features, Testing the Market, Selling and Increasing their Technical Capabilities. The actions of other teams and unexpected outcomes causes players to re-evaluate their decisions and strategies throughout the game. The game typically takes 2.5 hours to complete.

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BIGJUMP & Playing Lean

BIGJUMP was the first to officially introduce Playing Lean to Australia, when Bruno Pešec visited Brisbane and shared his experiences.

BIGJUMP will continue to work closely with Bruno and the creators of the game Simen Fure Jørgensen and Tore Rasmussen.

Tore has written about How Playing Lean conveys Lean Start-up methodology.

Playing the Game and Workshop Options

Play the Game! At various locations and times around Brisbane.  Maximum of 12 – 16 players per game.

Play the Game and Learn the Theory! Half or Full day workshops that will cover the following: Lean Startup Theory, Playing Lean Game Session, Reflection and Discussion. Maximum of 12 participants. Workshops can also be provided at organisations.

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Post Game Reflection

We recommend at the conclusion of the game, an experienced facilitator provides the group with Reflection on the experiences and what was learnt.

 Worldwide Growth

Playing Lean is rapidly growing around the world with the following adoption by Governments and Institutions around the world:

  • University of NSW
  • Startup Labs Oslo
  • FinTech Factory Norway
  • Swiss Startup Factory
  • Innovation Lab Fribourg
  • Swiss Startup Association
  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Berlin University of the Arts.


Playing Lean received strong endorsement from Ash Maurya, Author of ‘Running Lean’