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Sustainability: Green Eggs & Ham, Billion Euro investment in 100 green companies, what I learned

Monday 18 November 2019, 5:30pm – 7:30pm @Fishburners
155 Queen Street – Brisbane City

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Green Eggs & Ham >> A billion euro investment in 100 green companies >> and what went wrong.

Looking over a billion euros of green investment in Europe, Brisbane-native Alyssa Jade McDonald – Baertl returns home to chat with Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Corporate Innovators to review results of the ups and downs of a giant set of invests. Green eggs is a metaphor for the 100 companies she has benchmarked after successful investment in sustainable and circular enterprises >> the ham, is a vulnerable discussion about what went wrong >>

How could LEAN/AGILE approach help companies become more sustainable?

Joeri (Yuri), known to locals for his innovation & agile coaching through BIGJUMP, will work with Alyssa Jade to stimulate the group to split into four groups of World Café to co-create responses to work on specific questions about what prevents entrepreneurs and business owners in South East Queensland region.

Results of the event will be collated as part of her research ‘Grow Green and THRIVE’, a 3 year research tracking a billion euros in green company investment and the struggles, and opportunities betwixt GrowGreenandTHRIVE > these results are shared with stakeholders from Europe to Asia Pacific about roadmapping incubation and enabling conditions from regulation change to finance availability

About the Presenter

Alyssa Jade McDonald – Baertl successfully built a chocolate social enterprise, which is now being reverse-engineered via research to form the basis of a new ISO to set a new world standard for the industry.

She created #GreenTurnaround, a method which examines the best green practices for a company’s DNA which also meets green regulations and market trends. Her clients range from the European Commission to stock-listed MNCs to break-through SMEs and green investors; and writing market strategy for approximately 4 billion euro in green investment.

5:30pm Networking & Nibbles
6:00pm Workshp
7:15pm Q&A and Networking

Lean Startup Conference 2019!

Wednesday 23 October – 25 October

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

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Experience the Power of Entrepreneurship

Gather with more than a thousand innovators and 100+ expert speakers from across the globe seeking new ideas on how to drive change and solve complex problems. No matter the size or nature of your endeavour, the Lean Startup Conference can equip you with the tools you need to improve how you work and lead.

Again this year Joeri (Yuri), BIGJUMP’s Official Lean Startup Ambassador, will be travelling to the conference and bringing back to Australia, the latest global trends and learnings from thought leaders & practitioners across the globe. Previously he has met with the likes of Eric Ries (Author The Lean Startup & The Startup Way), Alexander Osterwalder (Creator of the Business Model Canvas) , Tendayi Viki (Co-Author The Corporate Startup), David Binetti

Develop Your Company’s Sales Playbook!lead nuturing

Tuesday 1 October 2019, 5:30pm – 8pm @Fishburners
155 Queen Street – Brisbane City

Friday 4 October 2019, 12pm – 8pm @RCL315 Brunswick Street – Fortitude Valley

Additional Information

Whether you run your own business or work in sales, this meetup is designed to help you get better results!

A sales playbook is the central place for all the information that you need to sell. It captures each “play” needed to be more effective in your sales.

This meetup will get you started in developing your playbooks for your business. If you are keen to continue we can provide you with additional resources and content to access.

The group will have access to the freemium version of the Kiite playbook https://kiite.ai/

We will provide access to sales templates to get you going faster.

– Information about the products you sell
– Details about the people you sell to
– Steps in your sales process
– Messaging, questions, and scripts
– Samples and templates
– Competitive and industry intelligence
– On-demand resources for support

– Boost your performance
– Saves time
– Access the right information faster
– Induct sales staff faster
– Sales team collaboration

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