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Corporate Innovation Accounting – Use your budget in the most effective way

Wednesday 16 January 2019, 5pm – 7pm @River City Labs

level 3, 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

More information & Registration Meetup – Lean Business Strategies or Eventbrite or via Lean Startup Night 

Traditional accounting methods are used to measure, monitor and manage innovation. However, it is also considered as a major innovation blocker.

PwC’s study from November 2018 highlights: ‘there is no statistically significant relationship between how much a company spends on its innovation efforts and its sustained financial performance’ (Global Innovation 1000 study)

The job of Innovation Accounting is to change just that, it maximises the bets an organisation can place to create new sustainable business models. It demands meaningful metrics to monitor progress, holds intrapreneurs accountable and gives them the necessary freedom and agility to succeed.

Join us and take your first step to building your Innovation Ledger.

Who is this for?
Corporate Intrapreneurs; Innovation Executives; Startups founders; Change Managers; (Digital) Transformation Managers

What will you take away?

  • A new approach to funding projects and portfolios
  • A new approach to measuring team performance
  • The fundamentals of relating learning to financials

About Elijah Eilert – Lean Startup Coach (currently based in Melbourne/Adelaide)
Elijah grew up in Germany and has worked in various industries across six countries.

His passion for an evidence-based approach to entrepreneurship evolved from the frustration of applying traditional business planning and project management to his first Startup – which he co-founded in China in 2007.

Elijah has worked with large organisations such as Microsoft, research institutes like Fraunhofer and federal government bodies overseas. The vision and scientific approach that Lean Startup and subsequently Lean Innovation contributes to innovation is where his interest and passion lies.

This event is co-hosted with Brisbane Agile Meetup and is supported by BIGJUMP, Lean Startup CoachBrisbane Agile MeetupRiver City Labs, Elabor8, Lean Startup Co. Lean Business Strategies Meetup.


Global Playing Lean Day and Global Launch of Playing Lean 2

Friday 30 November 2018, 11:30am – 2pm @QUT foundry

P-Block, Gardens Point Campus, 2 George St, Brisbane



Really excited to facilitate the first Playing Lean 2 in Australia after its globally official release!

Playing Lean is the world’s first management game that teaches the Lean Start-up concept and experience in innovation and business development.

Similar to version 1, in Playing Lean 2, each team takes charge of start-up that compete to reach the final goal as selling to the majority market.

In order to succeed, the teams need to run experiments to find customer demand, develop product features relevant to target customers and expand the market share.

Based on the Value Proposition Canvas, Playing Lean 2 builds new concepts and ideas such as Talent Auction at the beginning of each round, which helps to upgrade your company and earn competitive advantage in the market.

Team players have learnt a lot with practical models and real examples from innovation world when Joeri (Yuri) Timmermans explains the concept at each experiment.

Special thanks to Marc, Geoff, Ash, Maria, Justin, Randall, Gerarda, Mark and Neil for joining and making the game enjoyable and informative!

We can’t wait to introduce this game in innovation workshops in the future.

Joeri (Yuri) Timmermans

Corporate Innovation as Management Practice – WORKSHOP

Morning and evening session available!

Monday 5 November 2018, 9:30am – 11am @WeWork (previously Gravity Co-working) 
Level 6, 140 Creek Street, Brisbane

More information (only 25 spots available)

Monday 5 November 2018, 5pm – 6:30pm @River City Labs (The Precinct) 
Level 3, 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

More information (only 25 spots available)

‘Results Not Embroidery’ | Corporate Innovation as Management Practice 

This interactive workshop and round table discussion will be facilitated by Peter Glasheen, Head of Faculty Innovation360 Group AB of Stockholm and Principal of Stratovation (this workshop is not a sales pitch!).

During this session Peter will focus on:

– Corporate Innovation Maturity/Capability Assessments and metrics

– Helping you get a better understanding of why and how organisations around the globe (private and public) are able to assess and measure their strengths and weaknesses of their innovation capabilities.

– How these assessments help guide organisation’s strategies, decisions and resource allocation for increasing their chances to succeed with their innovation efforts.

Peter will be using the Innovation360 framework and InnoSurvey® for assessing innovation capabilities that bridges science and business through AI, data driven analysis and insights from over 6000 organizations in over 60 countries. It is one of the largest databases of organisational capabilities available globally, allowing benchmarking against best in class innovators across all regions and industries.

This event is for you if you are: 

  • Business owner
  • Innovation Manager
  • Corporate Startup
  • Executive
  • Entrepreneur or researcher that wish to understand more about corporate innovation
  • a person that wishes to understand more about corporate innovation, how to assess and improve

These events are supported by Innovation360, StratovationWeworkRiver City Labs and Ashbrooke Law


Startups: Selling to your first 100 customers

Thursday 25 October 2018, 12pm – 1pm @River City Labs
level 3, 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

Additional Information

This session will help you to sell to your first 10 customers, and then how to adjust as you sell to your next 90 customers.

This event is ideal for companies that are selling to their first 100 customers and are SaaS based (Software as a Service).

About the presenter, Paul provides assistance to startups to upgrade their sales skills. Paul has been an enterprise sales executive for the past 18 years and has personally sold over $40M in transactions. His industry background is software, technology and ICT consulting.

International Corporate Innovation Expert & Author

Tuesday 2 October 2018, 12pm – 2pm @QUT 
Executive Education Centre, Level 5, B Block, 2 George Street, Brisbane

More information 

Thursday 4 October 2018, 5:30pm – 7:30pm @River City LabsStartup Stadium, level 2, 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

More information via Eventbrite  or via Meetup – Lean Business Strategies or via Lean Startup Night

This event will feature Dan Toma  High Profile International Corporate Innovation Thought Leader and award winning author of The Corporate Startup book.

The Corporate Startup

Winner of the 2018 Management Book Of The Year Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

How can companies overcome major innovation challenges? This event will give you insight into Dan Toma’s unique perspective on ideation, business transformation and the current innovation climate in different parts of the world.

– Dan Toma –

Innovation Expert | Author | 12 years digital product ownership experience | MBA | certified lean startup coach

Dan comes from an entrepreneurial background – he has been involved with technology startups across the world. Puzzled by the questions ‘why are innovative products mainly launched by startups?’, he focuses on enterprise innovation strategy – specifically on the changes blue-chip organizations need to make to allow for new ventures to be built in a corporate setting.

In this capacity he worked with companies like DNB Bank, World Bank, GroupDeutsche Telekom, Bosch, Jaguar Land Rover, Bayer, John Deere, Allianz, BMW. Dan has also worked with various government bodies, in Asia and Europe, helping developing national innovation ecosystems and implement national innovation strategies.

For additional informaton – Expert Spotlight interview from Qmarkets featuring Dan Toma

In this session Dan will cover

  • Corporate Innovation beyond playing with Post-It notes
  • Interactive session on ‘Governing Innovation’
  • Q & A

If you are with an organisation that would benefit from a session / workshop with Dan Toma during his visit to Brisbane (2 Oct – 4 Oct). Please contactus@bigjump.com.au

These events are supported by Brisbane Agile MeetupRiver City Labs, Australian Computer Society (ACS), Ashbrooke Law, Queensland University of technology (QUT) and Lean Startup Co.


Startups: Practical Influencing Tactics (Free lunch time session)

Thursday 27 September 2018, 12pm – 1pm @River City Labs
level 3, 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

 Additional Information

Being able to influence others around you is a key trait of success for sales people for many generations.

Are influencers born or made? Can you learn to be more influential? The truth is that you can learn how to be more influential with those around you!

In 1984, Robert Caildini introduced the Theory of Influence, based on the following six key principles: Reciprocity, Commitment and consistency, Social proof, Authority, Liking, Scarcity

Check out this video for more information

Paul Davies will outline the 6 Principles of Influence, and give you practical examples and tips to apply in your Startup Sales today!

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