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Startup Stories: Insights into building your own community network!

Thursday 12 October 2017, 5pm – 6:30pm @River City Labs, Startup Precinct – Additional Information

Friday 13 October 2017, 12pm – 1pm  @QUT foundry – Additional Information

Building your own community and network is never easy!

At this event we have Community Builder, Charmaine Ho who will share her experiences in growing the Lean Startup movement in London and how it culminated in the London Lean Startup Summit  earlier this year!

Charmaine Ho is a Community Builder who works with youth, academic partners, startups and those interested in innovation training to help them gain a better understanding of the Lean Startup movement.

She started her Lean Startup journey as a volunteer at the first Lean Startup Summit in London in 2015.  Her main role was volunteer coordinating and social media marketing.

Since then, she was recruited as a Production Manager for the London Lean Startup Summit 2016 and now the Community Manager for the flagship event Lean Startup Week.

In her spare time, she also started her first MVP in London and ran Social Enterprise Experience Tour where social businesses are featured via a walking tour.  The purpose of the project is to build a social impact portal which promotes the importance of collaboration.

Charmaine’s presentation will focus on MVP, The London Lean Startup Summit and provide an insights into the internal structure of The Lean Startup Co – which is also a startup.

Charmaine is keen to share why this year’s Lean Startup Week will be the best one ever! www.leanstartup.co/2017-conference

We look forward to introducing Charmaine to the community and the opportunity for further discussion on building communities.


Startup Sales: Become a Master of Influence!

Thursday 12 October 2017, 12pm – 1pm @River City Labs
level 3, 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

Additional Information

The truth is that you can learn how to be more influential with those around you!

In 1984, Robert Caildini introduced the Theory of Influencebased on the following six key principles:

  • Reciprocity
  • Commitment and consistency
  • Social proof
  • Authority
  • Liking
  • Scarcity20171012 Startup Sales - Master of Influence

Paul Davies will outline the 6 Principles of Influence, and give you practical examples and tips to apply in your Startup Sales today!

Event slides are available on bigjump.com.au/resources

Masterclass – Business Model Canvas & Javelin Board

Wednesday 11 October 2017 12 – 1pm @River City Labs  –  level 3, 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

This masterclass was to provide and overview of Business Model Canvas and the Javelin Experiment Board to the participants of the CUA sponsored Entrepreneur Program at River City Labs.

We will introduce

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Javelin Experiment Board

Help you understand

  • The value of these models
  • How they work
  • What to do next


“Thank you for running us through the canvas and the javelin board. The BOMAD team particularly loved the approach to the experiment board.” Karie James, Program Manager Greater Bank

Startup Sales: Navigating your Sales Proposal through large organisations! 

Thursday 28 September 2017, 12pm – 1pm @River City Labs
level 3, 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

Additional Information

Navigating your Sales Opportunities through large organisations can sometimes be as complex as a minefield!Navigating your sales proposal through complex organisations

This Meetup will help you:

  1. Understand the most important question to ask in the first meeting
  2. Identifying and managing your Gatekeepers, Influencers, Decision Makers,  Buyers and Users.
  3. Tricks and Tips to un-jam your proposal when it gets stuck
  4. Knowing when to walk away! (Thanks Kenny Rogers!)
  5. Lean heaps from my success and failure stories!

Paul Davies will outline an approach to better equip you to navigate the pitfalls of B2B Enterprise and Government selling

Event slides are available on bigjump.com.au/resources

Paul Davies

B2B Sales – How to break into new organisations and create new sales opportunities

Tuesday 26 September 2017, 6pm – 8pm @Gravity Co-working
level 6, 140 Creek Street, Brisbane CBD

Price: $20

Additional Information

We will include the following content:

  • How to identify your prospective contact and organisation
  • Identifying the best way to approach
  • Describe your product or service in a way that attracts attention and curiosity
  • Getting past the gatekeeper to schedule meeting
  • What to cover in your first meeting

Slides for this presentation are posted on: www.bigjump.com.au/resources

The information presented at this event is supplementary to the B2B Sales Accelerator event that starts on 9th October. This Program will help you implement sales changes to your business.

Startup Sales: Make a better impact with your First Meeting with customers!

Thursday 14 September 2017, 12pm – 1pm @River City Labs
level 3, 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

Additional Information

The first customer meeting is a critical point on whether you lay the foundations for a strong relationship… or not!BIGJUMP Event 14 September 2017 Make Better Impact with first meeting with customers

This meetup will cover the 2 (sometimes conflicting) agendas for the first meeting:

  1. Building a relationship with a customer – which requires listening and developing empathy for the client; and
  2. Delivering an appealing message to your customer – helping to influence them to buy from you in the future!

An approach will be outlined that will enable you to build a strong relationship and provide a compelling message for your customer to buy.

In addition one of the most useful sales tools for non-sales people will be shared: The Proposal Structure!

Event slides are available on bigjump.com.au/resources

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