"I struggle to break into new organisations"

"Getting past the gatekeepers is really hard!"

"I feel weird approaching a complete stranger to sell my services"

"Closing deals is not as easy as it seems!"

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Is B2B Sales a painful experience for your Small Business or Startup?

Starter Blocks is a monthly subscription service providing Sales Coaching, Training and Q&A to help Startup Founders and Business Owners grow their business:

  • The Sales Coaching consists of a 30 min call with a sales coach to plan the sales activities, aligned with goals for the upcoming month.
  • In subsequent weeks there will be short (10-15 min) follow up calls to provide support/advice towards achieving goals.
  • Ad hoc phone calls (15 mins) as requested to help un-tangle specific sales challenges
  • Ad hoc email Q&A to review sales content (emails, proposal and sales scripts)
  • From time to time Starter Blocks will release short online courses (10-20 mins) designed to help build specific sales skills (i.e. Empathy). Accompanying the courses will be notes, templates to apply the learning.

Beta Group

Starter Blocks will be open to a limited group of 10 customers for 3 months . Beta customers will have access to a discounted rate in exchange for providing regular (survey) feedback and acting as references.

Beta customers will have a direct impact on the how Starter Blocks will be developed and expanded.


The standard price for Starter Blocks is $295/ month (AUD).

The discounted rate during the beta-phase will be $95 / month (AUD).

Paul Davies
Paul Davies

Paul has 18 years of enterprise sales experience across Enterprise and Government clients in Australia, NZ, Asia and the Middle East.

He also has 4 years experience in mentoring startups and has sold approximately $30M in products and services.


If you have any questions contactus@bigjump.com.au