"I struggle to break into new organisations"

"Getting past the gatekeepers is really hard!"

"I feel weird approaching a complete stranger to sell my services"

"Closing deals is not as easy as it seems!"

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Is B2B Sales a painful experience for your Business?

Starter Blocks provides 1-on-1 Sales Coaching and Training, to help you grow your business more successfully.

What you will receive

  • 1 hour phone call each month to review, align and plan your sales success
  • Subsequent weekly phone calls during the month to address specific challenges
  • Communication via email as needed to provide additional support

Beta Group

With three active customers using Starter Blocks, we are only seeking an additional 2-3 more beta users until March 2018.

If you are interested please register and pay (via PayPal) to begin your first month’s subscription.


Starter Blocks is $295/ month (AUD)

If you are not entirely satisfied with the service in the first 30 days we will provide a full refund!

Paul Davies
Paul Davies

Paul has 18 years of enterprise sales experience across Enterprise and Government clients in Australia, NZ, Asia and the Middle East.

He also has 4 years experience in coaching startups and has sold approximately $30M in products and services.


If you have any questions contactus@bigjump.com.au